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Supersizing Social Security Video Course

Lesson 01: Top 5 Considerations for Supersizing Benefits

Supersizing Social Security

Is it time for Social Security? Well, why not have it supersized? This library of educational videos is devoted to helping you to maximize all that you’ve got coming from your Social Security.

Social Security is the cornerstone of a secure retirement and this nine-part video course is a great way to learn how to get the most our of your benefits.

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By registering you will also gain access to our Retirement Step-by-Step course, Medicare Made Easy course, and over 30 retirement education videos.

Lesson 2

Learn the importance of your full retirement age and why it may not be the best age to start collecting benefits

Lesson 3

The way benefits are taxed can come as a surprise. Learn more about the Social Security tax torpedo.

Lesson 4

The focus of this lesson is on maximizing the spousal benefits available to many married couples.

Lesson 5

Divorced spouses may be eligible to claim benefits based on an ex-spouse’s Social Security record.

Lesson 6

The age you start collecting retirement benefits can have a large impact on the amount of any survivor benefits.

Lesson 7

In this lesson we will focus on the earnings test and how benefits can be impacted by continued employment.

Lesson 8

Some public sector employees face possible reductions in benefits due to WEP and GPO provisions.

Lesson 9

In this lesson we will provide instructions for obtaining your benefit statement online from the Social Security website.

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