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Retirement Step-By-Step Video Course

Lesson 01: Finding The Perfect Investment

Looking for smooth sailing?

You can’t guarantee that retirement will be smooth sailing, but with the right knowledge you can be better prepared to weather the challenges.


This six-part video course is a great way to learn strategies for dealing with your retirement accounts, taxes and market risk.

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Lesson 2

This lesson focuses on how to be tax wise during retirement by becoming better tax diversified.

Lesson 3

Learn how to transfer savings from employer provided 401k or other retirement plans with an IRA rollover.

Lesson 4

Being tax wise during retirement requires understanding how Social Security benefits are taxed.

Lesson 5

Watch a brief case study illustrating how annuities add greater certainty to retirement income.

Lesson 6

Indexed annuities can help grow savings when markets are up, while protecting against market losses.

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Retirement Step-by-Step course.

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